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Scalp Reviving Brush

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to encourage your hair to grow strong + healthy, our scalp reviving brush stimulates + exfoliates your scalp to improve blood circulation + remove product build-up at the root

often build-up of shampoo + other products contribute to dandruff + roots that never seem revived

The Lab Organics scalp brush, with its silicone massaging teeth, buffs away build-up but also brings new blood flow to the hair follicle, which, in turn, can aid hair to appear thicker + more alive

by exfoliating the scalp, you can also get better absorption of any scalp oils/treatments that you might be using

+ best of all, it feels amazing! our scalp is made up of a a complex mix of muscle, connective tissue + nerve endings

stress often manifests itself here, moving into the neck, shoulders, forehead, eyebrows + jaw

using the scalp reviving brush diffuses tension + can unlock nerve-ending pathways for deep relaxation, clearer thought patterns, or indeed, to invigorate the senses

ECO-FRIENDLY - Upper body is made of eco-friendly wheat straw material, which is extremely sturdy and durable. The wheat straw material is biodegradable, anti-bacterial, anti-odour & non-toxic. Bristles are made of soft silicone material.

Eco-friendly wheat material, Silicone

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