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Zero Waste

Product Stories
Posted on February 27, 2018


It can be hard to know what products to use when you are beginning to transition to an earth-friendly or zero-waste lifestyle. There is so much contradicting information out there, so we have done the work for you so that you can still enjoy glowing skin and a beautiful home without the environmental impact. Here’s our zero-waste guide to skincare, haircare, fragrance, makeup and home goodies.

Now let’s break it down…


OSEA – With a name that is an acronym of Ocean Sea Earth and Atmosphere it’s no surprise that OSEA is on our list of earth-friendly brands. OSEA chooses biodegradable ingredients for their products and their seaweeds are all responsibly sourced so as not to disrupt the ocean’s delicate ecosystem. They use glass and recyclable packaging for all their products, which not only keeps their products fresh but also keeps from polluting our earth with unnecessary non-recyclable plastics. Whilst doing their part in keeping our earth happy through mindful production, OSEA also donates to and supports Mission Blue and the Slyvia Earle Foundation who work to preserve and increase awareness of the health of our oceans.

True Botanicals – True Botanicals’ products are nutrient dense, results-focused, highly effective and importantly packaged in recyclable glass and recyclable card. True Botanicals choose to use amber glass to keep their products fresh and active but also because it is 100% recyclable and does not leach unnecessary toxins into our environment. True Botanicals creates targeted products suited to most skin types, making it a great addition to your earth-friendly bathroom.


Kjaer Weis – Kjaer Weis’ focus has always been minimalism, luxury and high performing products. Kirsten Weis grew up on a farm in Denmark and has always had a respect and love of nature, as such, when she was designing her brand she wanted to create something that is not only beautiful and high performing but also something that would work synergistically with nature. Working with the designer Marc Atlan she produced a minimalistic, highly pigmented range of makeup with sustainability at its heart. The Kjaer Weis range of foundations, eye shadows, lip and cheek products are all refillable, no unnecessary packaging. Kirsten’s products are also highly pigmented allowing you to get more out of the product with less waste.

VAPOUR Beauty – Vapour Beauty is another makeup company with a strong focus on how we impact the earth. Vapour has created creamy luxurious formulations that make your skin glow. Vapour is packaged in highly recyclable plastics, aluminium and card printed with vegetable inks. Not only do they evaluate the impact of their products on the environment but Vapour also uses solar and wind power in their labs, offices and warehouses and is constantly finding ways they can reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

Body and Luscious Locks

SANS ceuticals – Without the bad stuff. SANSceuticals founded by renowned hairdresser Lucy Vincent focuses on creating multifunctional products with high functioning ingredients. The multifunctional design of her luxurious hair, face and body products means fewer products cluttering up your bathroom cabinet and less waste to clutter up our earth. SANSceuticals uses the most recyclable form of non-leaching plastics available and vegetable dyes for their packaging. Not all plastics are created equal and a highly recyclable form of plastic can be more earth-friendly than some processed glass packaging. SANSceuticals also practices sustainable ingredient harvesting and being our neighbour in New Zealand, means that their products don’t have to travel too far to make it into your bathroom.


Studio Senteurs – Studio Senteurs is a perfume brand created by a French perfumer out of Melbourne. With a focus on the unusual and highly sort after Australian scents, Studio Senteurs creates a range of complex and luxurious fragrances that values Australian ingredients. Studio Senteurs, made of recyclable glass with recyclable card packaging is a beautiful earth-friendly option for fragrance. Studio Senteurs is also wholly made in Melbourne and hand delivered to our store, no transport and no unnecessary packaging.


LOOM Towels – One of the silent polluters of our waterways is synthetic fabrics. Every time synthetic fabrics are washed microscopic particles of plastic are released into our waterways, this is why LOOM towels are so fantastic. Made from 100% certified organic cotton not only are they safe for your environment but they also get softer every time you wash them. Aesthetically designed to elevate your bathroom this Melbourne based brand is a favourite of many designers. Hand woven on shuttle looms in Southern Turkey these towels not only support small artisans but keep traditional techniques alive.

Hemp Scrubber and Wash Cloths– Made from the sustainable and biodegradable material, hemp, these wash cloths and scrubbers make a welcome addition to any shower.

Pf Candle and co – make an array of enticing scents for your home. Made from recyclable glass, card and aluminium this range of candles, room sprays and incense are a great way to introduce an earth-friendly signature scent into your home or room.

Est Soaps – Olive oil-based, package-free soaps made in Melbourne. striking and nourishing these soaps help lift any eco-friendly bathroom.

Pearlbar Toothbrushes – 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, including the packaging, with charcoal infused bristles.

When it comes to minimising your impact on the earth sometimes what’s on the outside counts just as much as what is on the inside.