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How (and Why) To Use a Face Roller

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Posted on April 3, 2018

If you are anything like us ( self confussed product junkies), you’ve been obsessing over Jade Face andRose Quartz Rollers: a nourishing tool made of Instagram-ready Jade stone or Rose Quartz that drains fluid, improves elasticity, dimihses fine lines, increases blood flow, and promotes cell turnover for a brighter complexion.

While its jewelry-like appearance is enough to earn the tool a spot on our vanity, it’s worth noting that the crystal counts for more than just aesthetics. Incorporate rose quartz in an effort to open up those heart chakras: The stone carries love and positive energy and channels self-love energy. Whilst the Jade Facial Rolleris believed to be a healing and protective stone, warding off stress, anxiety.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Jade Facial Roller 

NYC skincare guru Ling Chan agrees.that jade rollers increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage and diminish the appearance of fine lines. The rolling motion eliminates toxins building up in the skin, which makes it pretty good at leaving skin brighter too. “Our facial muscles store a lot of tension, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the forehead and eyes,” notes Chang.

For me, I love to use my roller to really massage in my face oil—at the minute I’m using and loving Leah Lani Siren Serum —which helps it sink in and leaves me 55,000 times more glowy than without it.

Its also been found to help relieving tension headaches, and it also claims to be brilliant at clearing the sinuses. Just rock over the sinus area and then roll away to clear blockages.

We suggest incorporating a facial roller into your nightly routine. Once you’ve applied your hydrator, serum / oil , you can massage all over the face for three to five minutes with the roller.. You can also store your roller in the fridge or freezer for an extra chilly pop of puff-fighting, but even a room temperature tool will be pleasantly cool, warming slightly as you work. TIP- roller across your under-eye area first thing in the morning can help to take down overnight swelling.


Always apply the jade roller in an upward motion, Starting in the middle of my face and rolling up to the hairline, I applied pressure on the upward roll and then released it on the way down. The rhythm very quickly becomes meditative, the kind of relaxing pre-bed ritual that sleep experts are always saying you should get into before you turn in for the night.

How To Clean Your Roller:

Your crystal roller should be wiped down with a dry or little moist towel only on the crystal parts. Do not wash with water. Ensure Roller is left in a clean dry area – away from moisture and water