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Supercharged Skincare – Blending Products For Enhanced Results

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Posted on October 28, 2021

With the rising popularity of the natural skincare movement, so goes the emphasis on working with pure and lesser ingredients. The benefits of this means that products can often be formulated together in the comfort of your own bathroom to decrease steps, enhance product delivery, add textural variation, added nourishment – the list goes on.

The beauty of using natural products is because the very gentle ingredients each product is formulated with makes for a fantastic base for these additions – rather than overloading our skin with more targeted products. Treatment-based products which target the skin through use of actives, however, usually have specific requirements to work effectively (such as pH levels) and should not be tampered with!

We love to use the blending method when it comes to ingredients that work synergistically. Vitamin C and E, for example, complement one another to deliver premium antioxidant support. Some formulations already use a blend of these two in a single face oil, however when in plant-form (i.e. Kakadu Plum), the skin may require a more targeted vitamin C solution (i.e. Ascorbic Acid) to deliver these key nutrients. Due to their differing forms, the skin will accept this without overload to the barrier. Sometimes, we just need a unique step to add into our daily routine to create a targeted response to our skin’s ever-changing needs. It means you can have a primary, daily cleanser, and add a powder to create a supercharged cleansing exfoliating paste. Or, adding a nourishing oil to a clay mask for additional skin-strengthening support while dealing with an impaired barrier.

Through curiosity and experimentation, here are our favourite ways to interject addition products into treatments for advanced results:

MV Skintherapy Rose Booster Oil into Signature Mineral Mask

For the sensitive skin type, the Signature Mask is a must. It has the ability to gently purify the skin, while strengthening the matrix and significantly reducing redness and flushing. For many compromised skin conditions, exfoliation can seem incredibly daunting – and this mask has shown to repair the skin while providing a weekly dose of cellular turnover. By adding the Rose Plus Booster into the Signature Mask, we’re upping the hydrating and soothing properties of the treatment.

A must-try for anyone who is experiencing a hormonal break-out or is concerned to use clay while their skin is compromised.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator into MV Skintherapy Rose Soothing Moisturiser

Often, when you find a moisturiser that you love the texture of, it’s difficult to consider switching it up for the sake of warmer weather. Particularly if it gives you everything you need, all year round! Our top trick for making your protective moisturiser thinner for the warmer months is to pump out about half the amount you normally would and spritz a little of your mist to create a thinner texture.

Your product will be much more lightweight, spread easier, and you’ll use less too!

Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk into either Osea Mudd Cleanser or Black Algae Flash Mask

The Ocean Cleansing Milk has a variety of uses. It’s one of the gentlest yet most active products for a cleanser, making it an incredibly versatile product to complement its more hardcore counterparts. On its own, it has Lactic Acid from fermented beetroot to gently exfoliate, while the milky texture acts to relieve redness and irritation.

The Ocean Cleansing Mudd, on the other hand, is a deep treatment cleanser that should only be used 1-2 times weekly for oily and blemish-prone skin. Often, compromised skin barriers can look quite congested and red, however their lipid barrier has also been tampered with, causing dehydration and dryness. To harness the efficacy of the Cleansing Mudd, we recommend adding Milk Cleanser in to deactivate some of the Mudd’s more stimulating ingredients to create balance, while still providing a targeted solution.

For one step further, if you have sensitive or red skin, using the Cleansing Milk into the Black Algae Flash Mask can help purify the skin while calming the complexion.

Odacite Serum Boosters into Odacite’s Synergie [4] Immediate Beauty Masque

The beauty of Odacite’s serum boosters is that they’ve been created for this very purpose – to supercharge your skincare! They are each in tiny 8ml bottles because they are pure, cold-pressed oils housed with a simple vitamin E to stabilise them. They simply wouldn’t last longer than they do because of their purity! However, they make for incredible boosters (as the name suggests), and their pure form means a potent vitamin hit.

Each formula is for an entirely different purpose – each botanical ingredient used harnesses the powers of nature to deliver specific results. Including them into the Synergy Masque is a match made in heaven. The masque is an already potent blend of Probiotics, Vitamin C, Fruit Enzymes and Charcoal, yet if you’re feeling a little dryer than normal – add the Moringa Petitgrain Concentrate. If you’re feeling a little congestion – add the Jojoba Lavender Concentrate for Clogged Pores. If you’re feeling a little lacklustre – add the Passionfruit and Orange Concentrate for Dull Skin. The possibilities are endless!

MV Skintherapy Pure Jojoba Oil under Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation

Now this one does seep into make-up territory, but it’s worth it. Cream foundations are known to work best with a little bit of slip underneath – such as using a facial oil. They then become buildable while creating a fluid, dewy look on the skin. What we love about Jojoba oil (and specifically the MV one), is the texture. Jojoba is less of an ‘oil’ and more of a waxy finish, providing a nice protective layer onto the skin for lasting hydration and environmental support, yet not an oily residue for the make-up to completely slide off.

This must be our #1 recommendation when using the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation!

Holi Frog Cleansers

These cleansers are incredibly unique. They were created as inspiration from Holi Frog’s Situational Cleansing values, which makes us question what we know about using a single cleanser day in, day out. These are made to be used interchangeably, and together, to improve your skin goals while listening to your skin’s daily needs.

For example, if your skin needs a little deeper cleanse, you may choose to use the Superior Omega Gel Wash with the addition of the Sunapee Brightening Powder. For more sensitive skin, you could replace the Gel Wash with the Tashmoo Water Lily Milky Wash to have a gentler scrub.

A common routine for many is using the Tashmoo Milky Wash in the AM, and the Shasta AHA Refining Wash in the PM, to create the balance between protecting the skin’s barrier and refining it effectively!

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