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Spotlight On: Josh Rosebrook Herbal Infusion Oil

Ingredient Spotlight
Posted on August 6, 2018

Josh Rosebrook is known for incredible herbal formulations made to effectively treat and protect the skin’s mantle barrier, the Herbal Infusion Oil is no different. This 3-in-1 oil can be used as a cleanser, make up remover and moisturizing treatment oil. Formulated with luxurious plant oils and healing herbal infusions it is designed to bind impurities, dirt and excess sebum and pull them from the pores to the surface of the skin allowing you to wipe them away leaving the skin hydrated and clean. The Herbal Infusion Oil is for all skin types from oily and congestive to dry and sensitive. The herbs and plant oils together help to reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production, provide antioxidants to the skin, balance oil production and restore the skin’s mantle barrier. This oil also has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects to help heal acne and restore the skin’s natural microbiome, balanced good bacteria that help protect your skin against infection or blemishes.

Herbal Infusion Oil and How to Use It


There are two ways to oil cleanse, water based oil cleansing or dry oil cleansing. The Water Based Oil Cleansing method uses a washcloth and water to help pull impurities from the skin using the physical motion of the washcloth. With this method, you run a washcloth under warm water press the washcloth to the face to allow the steam to open the pores and then wipe away the excess oil. This method is usually repeated to ensure all the skin is left fresh and clean, perfect for oily combination skin types.

The Dry Oil Cleansing method relies on the plant oils and herbs to bind to the impurities and pull dirt and excess sebum to the surface of the skin which then get wiped away using a dry washcloth. This method leaves the skin hydrated and clean, perfect for combination to dry skin types or if you are feeling the harsh drying effects of winter.

Make up remover

Massage 3-4 pumps into the skin before removing with either a dry or damp washcloth. You can follow your normal cleansing routine or complete a second cleanse using the Herbal Infusion Oil.

Treatment or hydrating oil

After cleansing, spritz with your chosen mist and apply any serums that are part of your routine, then apply 1-2 pumps of the oil to your skin and gently massage the oil into the skin. This is a perfect oil to use in conjunction with a Gua Sha tool, it gives the skin a nice amount of slip to allow the Gua Sha tool to massage and stimulate circulation.



Sunflower oil – Helps to clean out dirt and impurities from pores, balances excess oil, helps to heal active blemishes and moisturises the skin.

Jojoba oil – An oil (technically closer to a wax) that is like the skin’s natural sebum, helps to balance excess oil, soften and firm skin and help heal active blemishes.

Calendula Flower – Known for its calming ability this oil calms inflamed skin and reduces redness.

Slippery Elm – Another beautiful calming ingredient to help reduce inflammation in the skin due to irritation or acne.

Marshmallow Root – Helps to brighten skin and help keep the skin hydrated and soft

Bilberry – Stimulates collagen production, firms the skin and increases elasticity whilst also providing a mild detoxification of the skin.

Neem Leaf – Neem Leaf is known for its healing abilities. It helps to treat irritated skin conditions and treat acne.

Alfalfa – brightens the skin and helps to detoxify the skin leaving it balanced and clear

Skullcap – Calms to the skin, further reducing inflammation in the skin from inflammatory conditions

Fennel Seed – Brightens the skin and treats active blemishes
Chickweed – Helps to prevent oxidative stress, helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and scars. Packed with antioxidants this herb also helps to brighten and repair damaged cells.

Ginkgo Leaf – Touted as the new anti-ageing herb ginkgo helps to increase circulation to the skin and improve firmness.

Hawthorn Berry – Helps to stimulate collagen production

Green Tea – Firms and tightens skin further boosting collagen production and adding to the amazing healing properties of this oil.

By Elle Macleman