Reflexology Revival Kit

Sans Ceuticals


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Breath life back into tired tootsies via the ancient practice of Reflexology. Designed to boost energy, circulation, and create a sense of inner calm. Revive, hydrate and nourish with this stand-out kit.

Reflexology Revival Kit contains:

+ 250ml Baobab Regenerative Body Cream
+ 250ml pH Perfect Body + Hand Wash
+ 20ml Bio Active Body Exfoliant
+ Ritual card

Giving can be a transformative experience, something deeper than a material exchange. Our gift set series was created to foster a sense of connection—a moment of solitude or time with a loved one.

Elevating our everyday essentials, each kit is accompanied by an experiential ritual, incorporating cleansing, touch and repair.

Each set encourages ‘scheduling time’ and comes with an artist drawn ritual card, detailing steps to perform a head massage, reflexology or hair treatment.

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