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Mad et Len is a niche fragrance house based in the South of France. They offer artisan fragrances and perfumes made with natural ingredients. The pure ingredients give them a natural and refreshing aroma. Each product is unique, from scent to the packages, which are all hand made.

An organic and rich fragrance, mad et len’s perfumes from the blacksmith collection is both modern and timeless. Bottled in a uv-resistant black bottle for better storage

Vermillion- the brilliant red pigment made from the mineral cinnabar, a pigment essential to the art and decor of Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and ancient India and China. Red Musc- vermillion in scent form, a brilliant and incandescent musk with subtle intensity and poise. Glowing embers and a light booziness cradle the musk in an intense but controlled flame, hovering off of the skin, seductive and purposeful. A skin scent for someone who doesn’t believe in skin scents.


Essential Oil, Organic Alcohol

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