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Green Cedar by Abel is a 100% natural and vegan fragrance. The unique combination of a twice distilled Texas cedar and wild harvested Atlas Mountain cedar make for a distinctive, intoxicating fragrance.

Abel believes in the power and beauty of scent. Its ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can. They believe that indulgence doesn’t need to have a negative impact on the earth, its inhabitants, or you.

Fragrance Notes:
Magnolia, Cardamom, Cypriol, Guaiac Wood, Texas And Atlas Cedar

All ingredients are derived from natural sources. Abel guarantees fairtrade and sustainable farming practices.

magnolia flower oil – China
cardamom oil – India
cardamom oil – Guatemala
angelica root oil – Belgium
chamomile oil – Egypt
cumin oil – Egypt
cypriol oil – India
guaiac wood oil – Paraguay
ambroxide – China *naturally derived ambergris note
ambrettolide – India *naturally derived musk note
cedarwood oil – Atlas Mountains, Morocco
cedarwood oil (twice distilled) – Texas, USA
grain alcohol (not denatured) – Italy *organic

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