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Mad et Len Candles are an ode to earthly elements, housed in one-of-a-kind blackened iron vessels complete with snuff lid, forged by the their own blacksmiths using ancient methods & handmade in a remote mountain village in the French Alps. Poured in small batches, with essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods and spices.

Figue Noire Candle is a vaulted night, roots deep beneath the shores of a placid lake, the fig tree lends its creamy green scent to the fiery colors of sunset, scented dusk under a wild fig tree. Notes of fig & sandalwood.

Darkwood Candle: It possesses the nectar of stone flower, it possesses the aroma of a blackened tree, it possesses the fragrance of ebony wood, it is the smell of darkness, it comes from the heart of Africa. Notes of smoky dark leather, fougere, ebony wood, tarred & old burned bark.

Sang Bleu Candle is like a Manhattan fantasy, late nights, bright lights, whirling ecstasy, the fabulous pulse of pink roses and raw cassis. Notes of dark cassis, & accent of roses.

The Sichuan | Fresh, hesperide, earl grey tea, fruity.

Ambre Nobile | Warm, ambry, aromatic, mossy, resinous, powdery and earthy.
A musky, rich, honey-like, and also somewhat oriental scent.

Burn Time: 65 hours
Wax Family: Vegetable

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