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One of the most potent topical antioxidant treatments available and the first skincare product with whole apple peel, the Antioxidant Booster is a skincare workhorse for every skin type that repairs and prevents damage, summoning smooth, bright, radiant skin.

Smooths wrinkles. Firms skin. Evens skin tone. Brightens hyperpigmentation. Lightens scarring. Clears acne. Calms inflammation. Reduces redness. Protects against UV damage.

Made with the same potent antioxidants that help preserve the longest-lasting fruits and vegetables, this active and gentle booster helps to prevent and repair everyday skin damage.

Apple peel
Whole apple peel has never before been used in skin care. But research shows it offers skin the same rejuvenating antioxidant power that makes apples one of the longest lasting fruits. The process to retain the bioactivity of the peel at almost 100% is patented by Cornell and licensed by our supplier. Apple peel is packed full of polyphenols, rutin, quercetin and ursolic acid, and while each of these components have been used independently as active ingredients in skincare, alone they don’t harness the powerful cooperative effect that nature created by putting them together.

A key component of apple and onion skin, quercetin is one of the main reasons that onions and apples keep so long. Quercetin has been shown to extend the life of human cells.

An extremely powerful antioxidant with extraordinary anti-aging properties, resveratrol preserves the skin’s youthfulness by protecting stem cell niches and mitochondrial DNA and reduces the signs of aging by redensifying the extracellular matrix.

Directions: Dispense 2 pumps of serum into palm, add 1-2 shakes of powder (two parts serum to one part powder). Mix. Apply to face, neck, and chest at night. For maximum product potency avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

malus domestica (apple peel) fruit extract¨**, tapioca starch¨, resveratrol
(found in grape skin), quercetin (found in apple peel)
** 3.2%+ polyphenol potency (highest available). Made with patented process.