Amethyst Crystal Facial Roller

The Lab Organics


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boosting circulation and eliminating puffiness, so your face looks more sculpted with an enviable glow. perfect for counteracting tell-tale signs of too-late nights, this is also the ideal excuse for some end-of-day ‘me time’ – soothing post-work stresses and enhancing your evening time skin care routine.

how to use:

gently roll the smaller roller clockwise, 3 times around the eye socket, from the lower, inner edge towards the tear duct rocking it gently as you go.

next, place the roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye, using gentle rocking motion, press lightly to encourage lymph drainage in the eye zone, ease blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness.

with the larger end roll in broad ‘sweeps’, always

Pure Amethyst to improve blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and heal by emitting far infared rays (FIR) which gently raise the temperature of the skin to stimulate collagen production.


  • Relieves stress
  • Soothes irritability
  • Dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety
  • Dissolves negativity
  • Opens intuition
  • Strong healing and many more

How To Clean Your Roller:

Your crystal roller should be wiped down with a dry or little moist towelette only on the crystal parts. Do not wash with water.

Care Instructions

do not rinse in water, wipe clean with dry cloth
do not use water based products when rolling
store in a dry place away from water and ste