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Seasonal Support – Transitioning from Winter to Spring

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Posted on September 8, 2021

As we leave winter behind us – and the dry, red, or irritated skin that comes with it – spring emerges giving us a little more moisture in the air and vitality in our souls. We spend more time outdoors soaking up the sun’s rays and less time applying heavy creams or layering products – a welcome change!

Ironically, spring cleaning our cabinets is equally essential to our home. Making room for anything that has essential value to our routine, our skin, and our health creates less clutter in the space, and more space in the mind. Likewise, seasonal transitions provide opportunities to clear the body for protection and activations. According to Ayurveda, there are two major seasons that we should capitalize on for cleaning purposes. They are Autumn (to cool the Yang) and Spring (to warm the Yin). Internal support is just as important in these months, to clear our vessel for focus.

Here are our tips for supporting your body, skin, and home in the time of transition:



1. Swap your moisturiser

Swapping your heavy-duty moisturiser for a lighter option really helps keep the skin protected while not adding any excess oils to the surface. Try changing it to a water-based formula with hyaluronic acid, or a lightweight day moisturiser with SPF 30 formulated in.

For oily or combination skin, try Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30
For dehydrated or dry skin, try Odacité Beautiful Day Moisturiser with MSM & DMAE

2. Up your exfoliation game

An important step when wanting to shed dead skin cells, and ensuring our skin is receiving all the wonderful hydration we’re providing it. Introducing a gentle acid here is incredibly beneficial to all skin types, rather than using a scrub. Acids unblock pores and keep skin even toned, while some (like Lactic Acid) also even add hydration to the skin.

For those with dry or compromised skin, try Pestle & Mortar NMF Lactic Acid Toner
For those who lean toward oily and congested, try Holi Frog Halo AHA + BHA Serum

3. Keep it simple

With a rise in humidity in the air, our skin really does need less. Opting for less layering, but more value in the products you purchase is of paramount importance. Keep it consistent, simple, and let your skin return to a natural rhythm. Use a mild cleanser, a targeted serum (check out Odacite Serum Boosters to customise your results), and hydrator – while 1-2 times a week add in a treatment to increase cell turnover and target any personal concerns.

Our main tip here –
Don’t use products that have passed expiry dates. They aren’t effective as they once were.




1. Support flare-ups internally

As we know, Spring & Autumn call for a shift in the way we support our insides. Any adjustments we make internally assist in our skin equilibrium when facing the changes of our external environment. As heat rises outside, we are drawn to cooler foods, greener salads, and vibrant fruits. Supporting your insides is very important in the seasonal transition – particularly for those who suffer from histamine responses due to new-found exposure to excess pollen.

To start your internal support, start with The Beauty Chef Cleanse Powder before moving onto the best-selling Glow Inner Beauty Powder. Cleanse uses fibre and choline to kickstart a purification process, while enzymes and prebiotics and probiotics keep the belly supported. It’s the perfect accompaniment to combat sluggishness after times of excess.

2. Dry body brush, always

As our bodies slowly begin to start to see the light of day, it’s important to shed away any stagnant build up. Introduce or continue your dry body brushing routine to keep the blood circulation flowing, the lymphatic drainage up, and to aid your skin in protecting it against the elements.

Our favourites – Sisal Body Brush & Cellulite or Round Body Brush

3. Regularly moisturise

Moisturising our body is far down on the list when we consider our extensive beauty check lists. However, as we start exposing our body to the sun, it’s imperative we keep it protected from its external elements. The question of whether an oil or moisturiser is better is still up for debate, although we do find oils are more beneficial from a targeted, therapeutic approach.

Our trick here to avoid forgetting to moisturise is to keep your body oil or moisturiser in arms reach out of the shower or bath. Keep your body a little damp when towel drying to allow the product to absorb sooner.

If you’re an oil lover – you can’t go past our best-selling Sans Ceuticals Activator 7 Oil
For those who love a cream, try Sans Ceuticals Cellular Body Lotion for a lighter option this season
Somewhere in the middle? Try Osea Ocean Lotion – a lightweight fragrance-free lotion that instantly absorbs into the skin!




1. Clean Smarter

While we’re in the mood for a spring-clean, consider using gentle products. The process of using too many astringent chemical products cause more irritation over prolonged use, not to mention the repugnant smell of bleach we all do not love. Using effective cleaning and laundry products to gently wash, clean, and purify your space is much more desirable, particularly considering how often you pull these out.

Try –
Bondi Wash Laundry Wash
Bondi Wash Floor Wash
Bondi Wash Bench Spray

2. Refresh Home Aroma

Rid home of any remnants from bunkering in such as heavy blankets that trap dust, open the windows to let the fresh air in, and refresh the space with lighter fragrances. While oil diffusers are perfect for creating winter warmth, spring really calls for diffusers that allow easy-breathing, fresh clarity, and invigorating energy.

Try –
Vitruvi Ultrasonic Diffuser
Vitruvi Essential Oil Breathe

3. Add Natural Essentials

It’s the little things that make a house a home. Rather than in Autumn/Winter months setting the home up as a warm place to cosy in, we’re now wanting to refresh and invigorate the space we spend so much time in! Where to start? Update things like your dish cloths and tea towels to natural antibacterial options, such as the Binchotan Tea Cloths. Update your hand wash to a refreshing scent that will drift through the house. Use a home aroma mist to quickly refresh the space within seconds.

Not sure where to start? Try our At-Home Essential Starter Pack with all your spring goodies in one place.