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Premium essential oils sourced from 30+ countries that are 100% natural. Vitruvi oils are specially formulate for your daily rituals.

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Vitruvi should help you pause and take a moment for yourself. From waking up to working out we design products that help you weave the science and benefit of scent throughout your day.

The name Vitruvi was inspired by the Roman architect Vitruvius who found similarities between the mathematical symmetries found in both plants and people. Vitruvius was passionate about design and stated that all good design should adhere to three principles: utility, functionality, and beauty. These principles were later adopted by Leonardo Da Vinci who also named the ‘Vitruvian Man’ after Vitruvius.
For us, purposeful design and the connection between plants and people is the foundation for all aspects of Vitruvi - from the way our aromas are constructed, to the shape of the packaging, to the design of our office and the intention behind each product. We are passionate about creating a new standard in the essential oils industry and to showcase how natural products from plants can elevate our days.

Whether creating your own cleaning products, blending a home diffuser aroma, or doing a botanical facemask We’re exploring real life with essential oils and hope they add some much needed moments of self care to your days.