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Studio Senteurs

Studio Senteurs is a Melbourne based natural fragrance atelier, created by artistic French native- Anyes Dequidt.

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Studio Senteurs was modestly imagined and semantically influenced by our multilingual proficiencies. The derivation of Studio originated from the Latin word stadium, meaning atelier or workshop, while Senteurs is the French expression for scent or perfume,and was chosen as a mark of homage to our French history. Studio Senteurs is a creative space where complete artistic license is realised, and intricate formulations are developed. Due to the raw ingredients used, our scents are produced in small batches- ensuring each product is fresh upon purchase.

Studio Senteurs is 100% Australian owned, exclusively using ethically sourced natural ingredients from Australia and New Zealand. We are passionate about our planet, and wish to contribute to enriching this magnificent earth we all inhabit. Our packaging is natural, recyclable and entirely sustainable. All Studio Senteurs formulations are toxicity free and vegan, using the highest quality organic alcohol sourced from sugar cane. We honour our quality ingredients by selecting the finest essential oils and resins to stimulate your ‘bien-Etre’ (well being).

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