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Founder: Dayle Larter undnderwent a risk reduction double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction - a choice she made on her own terms after testing positive for an abnormal BRCA2 gene and considers a luxury that many women don’t ever get the chance to make.

Only 10% of breast cancers are a result of a genetic fault, so the vast majority of women have no reason to believe that they could benefit from getting to know their boobs a little better. Many young women are under the impression that it’s not relevant to them until they turn 50, and others avoid checking (or sometimes even touching!) their boobs for fear that they aren’t doing it right or might find something they wish they hadn’t.

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Dayle wants to do whatever is within her power to help change this mindset by helping increase self-awareness around women’s breast health in a modern, fun way. Boob care is the new self-care, with the added bonus of placing women in a much better position to recognise any changes.
Also available is a Scar Serum - developed after failing to find a 100% natural, toxin free corrective treatment to address Dayle’s own surgical scars, this formulation helps to diminish the appearance of scars post breast surgery.