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How to kick toxins out of your routine

Posted on September 18, 2018

Skin is our largest organ absorbing up to 70% of what we smear over it, not to mention its pores provide a natural way for the body to shed toxins. Because of this, skin breakouts and rashes are a clear sign the body is trying to fight something. So why do we combat this by putting chemicals on our face & body that wouldn’t pass the ingredient test if it was in our food?

We all put a lot of emphasis on avoiding pesticides and processed foods in our diets. But the endocrine disrupters in everyday beauty products are equally harmful to your body.

If you’re having a mild panic attack right now thinking about going without your NARS flawless finish powder or spending half your monthly pay check on organic shampoo, trust me when I say i know what you’re thinking. Please also trust me when I say that the most daunting part of this green beauty transition isn’t the price tag, but rather, knowing where to start.

Here are some tips I have put together to help you in making the transition to natural personal care products.

Go item-by-item.

There’s no need to throw out your entire makeup cabinet tomorrow. You can replace things as they run out, which should help ease any budgeting concerns. Start with product you use every day that spend the longest on our skin ( think Moisturisers, Foundations etc. more on that below )

Check on EWG for red flags.

If you’re really worried about some products you have in your bathroom cabinet, do a quick cross-reference on the Environmental Working Group’s website, Skin Deep. If the product is a level 1 or 2, it’s probably not worth throwing away immediately. But a code red? Toss it in the bin and never look back. You might find yourself blown away by the levels of certain toxins in some of your beauty favourites (note: check your toothpaste & deodorant)

Start with the products that stay on your skin the longest.

Face moisturiser, serum and oil is the number one place to start as they immediately get absorbed into your skin and you (should) use them twice daily. Next up is foundation, unless it’s not something you use frequently. Take into account how close each product is to your skin’s surface (what order you apply products in is important), and how long it sits on skin (conditioner you rinse out after a minute can wait for round two).

Find brands you trust.

Just like getting to know the farmer’s at your local market or the brand you prefer for your organic yogurt, learning more about the mission and people behind your cosmetics is the best way to navigate the landscape. Chances are, if you believe in the mission behind a company, you’ll trust and believe in their products as well. Lucky for you, we have done the hard work for you. At The Lab we ensure all brands are ethical, cruelty free and sustainable – read more about our brands.

Remember: Cut yourself some slack and try not to stress too much about these environmental toxins. The only thing worse for your skin than chemicals is stress. If it makes you feel better about taking the leap, I can assure you that you won’t regret it. It’s worth every single cent. I promise you.

Oh and…. You’re not alone, if have any questions and need some advice or just want to come and see Australia’s largest collection of natural and organic skincare, body care, make-up and lifestyle products ( we even have something for your fur children ) drop by our Carlton North store or jump onto our website and book yourself “The Clean Consult” a one on one makeup &/or a skincare consultation with a specialised staff member.

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JO xx