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6 Natural Tips for Healthy Hair & Scalp

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Posted on March 26, 2021

We favour natural hair care routines to support the hair and scalp, nourish its natural process and ensure long-lasting strength and shine. Often, we find commercial products can be quite stripping of our natural oils, leaving our hair brittle and in a perpetual cycle of producing more oil to overcompensate – therefore washing it even more than we intend to.

Natural products aren’t to be feared even if you have dyed or treated hair; they have a reputation of not preserving colours or treatments to their longest capacity. However, they form a fantastic base routine for people who have treated hair, allowing your silver shampoos and leave-in products to last longer as well as give them reason to work even better when used sparingly. Not to mention to avoid any drying of the scalp or oil imbalance.

Here are our tips to a natural hair-care routine:



Hair washing seems like a simple step but often a great pair of shampoo and conditioner are mismatched to our hair types. This can result in over-washing our hair as it begins to feel oilier faster or drying out our hair shafts resulting in dull, lacklustre hair and split ends. Just as you would wash your face, it’s important to make sure you give your hair a 2-step wash. A pre-cleanse to loosen any dirt, pollutants and trapped texture sprays or dry shampoo products from the days in between, and a secondary cleanse to freshly cleanse the hair and scalp.

The million-dollar question is ‘how often should we wash our hair’. This is a specific case-by-case answer. Many believe that prolonging your hair washes are better to regulate your natural oil production and preserve colour-treatments, however often that can lead to the over-use of leave in products that can cause more detriment. If you live in a city or exercise regularly, usually washing your hair every other day is beneficial to remove any pollutants stuck to the hair follicle and scalp.

For those who have a naturally dry scalp, we recommend the Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Wash and Hydrant to promote natural oil flow and stimulating healthy growth. If your hair presents as fine to medium, you can swap this to a Volumising Hair Wash. If your hair is fuller or curly, stick to the Hydrating Wash and perhaps add in a richer conditioner, such as the Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Hair Hydrant Ultra+.

For those with more combination or oily tendencies, the Evolve Superfood Shine Shampoo works to deeply cleanse the scalp while balancing any lost oils, keeping them in check. For those with finer and flatter hair tendencies, use a conditioner such as the Sans Ceuticals Balancing Hydrant. For fuller, thicker hair, add in a richer conditioner, such as the Sans Ceuticals Nourishing Hair Hydrant Ultra+.

For those with colour treated hair, we recommend products made specifically to ensure the colour doesn’t over-expose in sunlight and therefore create frizz and splits. Try Innersense Colour Awakening Hairbath and Colour Radiance Conditioner, both have natural colour-preserving ingredients enhancing protection against UVB rays.

Scalp Health

If you use styling products often, you should consider treating your scalp regularly. Besides diminishing your natural shine, build-up of these products can weigh your hair down, making strands more susceptible to breakage. It can also damage your hair by clogging follicles—which may impede hair growth. If you’re a regular dry shampoo user, ensure you have supplementary product to support the health of your scalp.

Your skin is constantly shedding even on your head, however by picking the right shampoo, your scalp should feel clean yet nourished (just like our skin). It is essential that the sebaceous glands on our scalp and in turn our hair follicles are clear, healthy and maintained to promote new growth.

While dead skin can be removed by brushing or washing, it’s also advised to add a weekly exfoliation treatment to the scalp. This is to avoid any oil imbalances that lead to an itchy scalp or any ‘caking’ of products like dry shampoo that may obstruct the hair follicle. You don’t need to moisturise your scalp due to its ability to condition itself with natural sebum flow, as the hair protects the scalp from any ongoing exposure.

Look for something consisting of finely ground textures such as crushed shell or salt and apply to a wet scalp as a film of water will act as a carrier for the product. Try – Innersense True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub once weekly.

Hair Mask & Wrap

Hygral fatigue is a condition when your hair has lost elasticity and presents as lacklustre hair and frizz. It’s often a problem that occurs when the hair has been overly towel-dried, damaged from colour, or if you have a genetic predisposition to fragile hair.

For coloured, damaged or frail hair, consider using a deep hydration mask for your hair on a weekly basis. To get the most of your hair treatment, run it through damp hair. Start from your ends to mid-length and massage it in lengthways to coat every section.

Lock in the mask and let the moisture infuse into your locks by wrapping a hot, damp hair wrap over the top. The treatment further infiltrates your hair’s follicles, particularly now that it’s still damp. Once it begins to cool, you can re-soak the hair wrap into hot water and reapply – just make sure you squeeze out any excess moisture before reapplying.

Ideally you would keep your mask on for 30 minutes at least.

Try – Josh Rosebrook Enrich Hair Mask and The Lab Organics Bamboo Hair Turban.


To restore your hair’s pH level – something often disrupted by scalp issues, your water’s mineral content, or overuse of leave-in products – you can use a daily boost of Sans Ceuticals pH & Shine Corrector. Use in between your wash and hydrant, or simply after you have showered while your hair remains damp. The tonic works to detangle hair, restore it to its natural pH and improving skin using B vitamins and fruit enzymes.

For a moisture-boosting leave-in treatment for your ends and mid-lengths, try COMB Manuka Honey Infused Hair Oil to prevent breakage and restore shine. Using Manuka Honey to trap moisture into hair shafts. A non-greasy, lightweight finish, for any hair type.

For a more localised scalp treatment, try Cake Restorative Scalp Tonic. The apple enzymes will assist in repairing the skin matrix while nourishing the scalp.



An often-overlooked part of any hair care routine. No matter whether your hair is thin, thick, flat or fluffy – brushing truly helps to distribute your oils from root to ends. Brushing your hair daily assists with shinier, smoother hair strands, while the action on the scalp encourages blood circulation to stimulate hair growth.

Look for a brush with a natural fibre such as boar bristle easy oil-distribution or wooden pins for a stimulating scalp massage.

Try – Iris Hantverk’s Oval Hair Brush, meticulously handcrafted in line with Swedish traditions.



Think of food and supplements that are have healthy amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Our main aim when supplementing for hair health is to include nutrients that protect from environmental stressors and protect cells from free radical damage. This could be in the case of nuts and seeds with a large Omega-3 content, as well as those rich in vitamin A, Iron, Zinc and Biotin. Try – The Beauty Chef Glow Supercharged for a daily internal boost supporting your insides and out.



Image via Sans Ceuticals.